Balimo 6 Point Structure:    Published on Feb 13, 2012

Balimo is a system of movement & balance training, devised by Eckart Meyners. Balimo focuses on the riders ability to find their balance in motion, as the key to successful riding.
Using Balimo exercises (both mounted and unmounted), riders will feel improvement in their horses & their own performance.
"Helping both riders and horses improve their way of going is what I find really satisfying", says Joan.

Balimo (Balance in Motion):  Published on Aug 21, 2012

Balimo (Balance in Motion) recognizes that the horse mirrors the rider in its movements. By removing tension and blockages in the rider, communication with the horse is improved. Balimo training uses specifically selected exercises (mounted, unmounted and Balimo chair) to improve the mobility of the rider's pelvis and spine, teaching the riders' seat to follow the 3D movements of the horse.
Discover the benefits of Balimo training today, and enjoy your ride in harmony!

A Rider's Training Journal:  Published by The Rider's Edge on October 29, 2014

This Journal is designed for equestrians!

It lets riders track both their personal fitness and their ride - in one journal.

Discover and improve your warm up and work out routines to produce your best ride.
A Rider's Training Journal takes into consideration the needs for good riding; i.e. riding skills, state of mind, body tone (fitness), instructor's comments and horse's management.

Start tracking your journey today and find out how this powerful training tool can help you to improve your riding.

B E   R E A D Y    F O R   Y O U R   R I D E

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