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Adler Yarranton

The Music

Blair Yarranton
- horn - devices
Percy Nils Adler - guitar - toolbox

Adler and Yarranton are like a pair of mad scientist musical architects,
building and sculpting sonic environments, often with little-to-no preplanning.

Blair creates other-worldly sounds through a collection of effects pedals.
There are delays, reverbs, poly-octave generators, distortions and more.

Percy’s playing is strikingly unorthodox and avoids any kind of cliche or formula.
His “toolbox” is a mysterious collection of effects and he often uses two or three amplifiers,
creating sonic tapestries that seem to wrap around your head.

Together, these two escapees exist somewhere outside the expections of many.

The first album:

The second album:

Adler Yarranton